We are Wild
Bold, gutsy, hands-on

At Wildstream, we cherish your ambition.
We are a team of teams that provides an end-to-end approach to digital challenges. We take your company or product from A to Z, digitally.

What do we offer? People from all walks of life, with experience in different fields, ready to bring you their A-game. And that’s a lot.

A Wild history

We are a team of teams eager to launch your business and product into the digital age or improve your online presence. Our services cover all fronts: from product design, to performance marketing and platform building. We offer the full package, an end-to-end approach to your biggest plan. Together, we run straight ahead to the destination, no detours.

We are made up of different crews of wildly different people. That’s why we check all the boxes you can possibly imagine. Need the right person for the job? We house talent from all walks of life, with multiple skillsets.

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Wildstream is a collective that came together to offer you the best possible service. In the run-up to our formation, our companies were guided towards maturity, making sure the right structures were in place, manned by the right people. A gradual and thoughtful development allows us to operate as a whole. Passing the baton is key to what we do: information and feedback flow from one team to the other, back to our clients.

However, the individuality of our constituents is of as much importance to our success. The DESIGN-, CODE- and ACCELERATE-teams bring buckets of knowhow and entrepreneurship, rooted in their own story and philosophy. Together, we try to act not just because, but with purpose. We believe in companies and products that try to formulate answers to the current challenges of the world. Let us take on your project and be a part of something more.

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Meet our
Wild services

Our Wild ecosystem is a fertile ground for your digital ambitions to grow. We take your plans and make them work in the real world. As such, the wild-x ecosystem is characterized by its holistic but bold approach to digital challenges.

We take your plans and make them work in the real world.

At Wildstream, each team consists of a variety of hands-on, crafty people, ready to assist you in their own way, be it creatively, performatively or through platform development.
And we keep at it until it works.

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Design, wild!
Wild code
Code, wild!
Wild growth
Grow, wild!

The DESIGN team develops your product through fast paced prototyping and user validation tests. They strategize, and determine a course of action for your imagination to take shape in no time. Your feedback and input are key to their creative process. Chime in! The DESIGN team sets your product on track to succes.

Wild CODE lays the groundwork for your succes while focussing on bringing the right people to the right table. They offer their teams as a service, they identify and build whatever your platfom needs and make it run smoothly. Streamlining whatever you have in mind to function properly and efficiently in the digital sphere.

The ACCELERATE-team brings your product where people can see it. Our digital marketing team takes care of your worries about visibility, performance marketing and effectiveness. They know what works today and look out for what might tomorrow. Geared to your product’s unique features and qualities, they devise a comprehensive digital and preformance based marketing strategy.

  • Frederic Frederic Founder
  • Jan Jan CEO
  • Vlad Vlad CTO Wildstream
    CEO Expert Network
  • Johan Johan COO Wildstream
    CEO Hybrid

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