Growzer, Horeca management made easy

Who are they?

Growzer, an online management platform, is shaping the future of HoReCa businesses. It connects hospitality companies, wholesalers, and manufacturers simplifying their day-to-day processes through digitalization. This way, they gain more control, higher performance, and acquire knowledge through real-time insights.

The challenge

The particularities of the HoReCa market like managing food stocks, invoices, orders, bookings, etc. required robust processes and varied features that determine the longevity of an organization. Creating an online platform that could efficiently handle these tasks while also simplifying the roles of entrepreneurs and users, was the goal.

About the client

Growzer’s bold initiative took off in 2015 in Belgium, with the aim of creating a powerful tool that would bring restaurant management into the 21st century. Expert Network was part of the journey from the beginning as we shaped the product and offered the technical solution to bring this idea to life.

What did we do?

Growzer reached out to Expert Network. The first step was to analyze the basic business flows, describing the core functionalities of the first version of the application. They selected the proper technology solution for the platform by taking into account: scalability, flexibility, reliability, and operational intelligence. Growzer started to take shape.

What did we do?

The solution

MS Azure Cloud-based solution

Expert Network chose an MS Azure Cloud-based solution that would check not only the most important boxes in terms of a wide palette of choices but would also provide solid ground for the support of modern platform architecture. Some core functionalities added include menu engineering, cloud-based purchase order system, centralized ordering, app responsiveness as well as stock management. The app was also designed to be operational on a tablet and to be responsive, meaning that it responds to input promptly, without leaving the users hanging.

Don’t leave the users hanging

Growzer app on computer

Expansion over the years

Over the years, what followed was the platform’s architecture expansion and its consistent adoption by an increasing number of independent restaurants and chains. Growzer has also boosted its reputation,working with renowned brands like Unilever, Lantmannen Unibake, Sligro, Metro, proving its worth and value in today’s ecosystem. As Expert Network contributed to their digital transformation, it was natural for Growzer to migrate to their true potential, enjoying benefits like increased productivity, improved controls, lower costs, automated internal processes and many more. All these ambitious initiatives have been backed up by the dedication and vision of the Expert Network software engineers who proudly stand behind one of the top HoReCa management products.

Ambitious initiatives backed up by the dedication and vision of Expert Network software engineers

Multiple screenshots of Growzer app
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