Workero, connecting space and knowledge

Who are they?

Workero is a digital platform that gives corporate partners the opportunity to open their unused offices to freelancers, startups, scale-ups, and independents, booking their workspace here. By bringing together these parties, Workero creates business opportunities, helps facilitate innovation and reduces the much-debated mobility problems: working closer to home = less traffic.

The challenge

The people at Workero wanted to develop a digital platform that would be integrated with a series of third-party providers. This way, companies and individuals would connect to exchange ideas, rent and book office spaces, subscribe to events, share news and catch-up with updates in the technology field.

About the client

Workero keeps growing. Lately, they’ve been developing a phygital network through their communities as well as the Growth and Development program, supported by corporates including Procter & Gamble, Decathlon, DXC and many more. During the COVID-19 crisis, Workero developed their offerings to facilitate COVID-proof professional and remote work for companies. To help businesses understand their office space usage, ensure healthy work environments, and optimize their office real estate portfolio, their Building Management Software uses data-analysis.

What did we do?

Our multidisciplinary team developed an interactive public platform with a powerful booking engine. Professionals can easily log in using multiple account options, sign up, book their flexible workspace in a matter of minutes, make payments, be part of the Workero community – where Heroes can read and share news or subscribe to events organized by Workero. Most significantly, this system can make contact, event and project
recommendations based on interests identified through data-gathering and machine learning algorithms.

What We Have Done

The solution

Safety and management

Wildstream’s teams developed safe and secure processes for Workero. Payment transactions are processed by US-based payment services provider Stripe. They also implemented an extensive back-office portal for companies that allows partner businesses to manage bookings in their workspaces, by their own employees or externals.

Safe transactions provided by Stripe

Solution - screens

Connection through interactive software

Guided by Wildstream, Workero can now put into practice their idea of connecting companies and individuals, corporates and startups/scale-ups. As a result, this helps them boost their growth by handling and fulfilling their business needs via an interactive digital platform. Wildstream also enabled them to find the right business partners to fast-track innovation and allowed them to develop their Business Management Software to help businesses adopt the New Way of Working. Employees are guaranteed safety at work, whilst improving their real estate portfolios.

Business Management Software to help businesses adopt the New Way of Working

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