AVA, alles om het te maken

Who are they?

With more than 15,000 articles in the range, AVA really offers ‘Everything to make it’. Serving individuals and companies in Belgium and Luxembourg, AVA consists of 50 retail stores.In addition, the company also exports its own products to 7 countries.

The challenge

AVA’s main challenge? Achieving retention and growth in a competitive market. As a modern retailer, they strive to accommodate their target group by offering a digital sales channel in addition to physical retail outlets.

About the client

AVA wants to be more than a physical retailer. Guided by their partner Tilroy, they launched a webshop with an integrated cash register system in October of 2018. The webshop consists of three subshops, each one geared to the specific needs of different individuals, companies and catering businesses. In this way, AVA wants to guarantee that every target group can find what they are looking for quickly and easily.

What did we do?

Our Hybrid team helped this web platform find its place on the market in the midst of digital transformation, increasing internal digital knowledge along the way and writing a profitable omnichannel story.

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Performance audit

The internal AVA launched their online service in October, supported by Google. To challenge this internal start-up, our experts conducted an in-depth performance audit in December. The target? On the one hand, feeding the AGM team with quick wins and strategic recommendations, on the other, checking the online return
Next, it was time for our team to take action, in close collaboration with the people at AVA. The first step was to overlook the situation objectively: analyze what works, reduce the non-converting budget and rebuild from there. The evident result : immediate impact on returns. In addition, we refined the digital strategy and the plan of approach, according to numerous ideation sessions. Three important pillars of AVA’s digital operation became apparent:

Traffic and Conversion Maximization via Paid,
Parallel route for more and better organic traffic
and Conversion optimization

Our experts conducted an in-depth performance audit in December.


In accordance with our TaaS principle, a flexible, tailor-made team was set up to respond very agilely to what the data was continuously feeding them. By working closely together, even in the literal sense, AVA and the Hybrid team were able to effectively apply the steady stream of knowledge, not only in execution but also in consultancy and training. They saw spectacular results in a very short time-period:

A turnover increase of 137% per month
An increase in gross margin to 1095%
The overall ROAS increased by 381%.
A 56% drop in required monthly media budget

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  • Design thinking
  • Project management
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  • Cloud solutions
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