Safe Lease, private leasing

Who are they?

Safe Lease is a service brought to you by Baloise that allows individuals to rent a car for a fixed amount through a local broker. Not only does this monthly fee cover the price of the car, but additionally, a number of car expenses:
maintenance, all taxes, tire changes, full assistance, all repairs and insurance. Safe lease’s mission is to unburden their clients.

The challenge

Before Baloise decided to launch their new service, they wanted to test the waters. What was the market for their product? Could they manifest themselves, being an insurance company, as an important player in the automotive sector, providing all-encompassing solutions to car ownership.

About the client

With Safe Lease, Baloise aims to formulate answers to the ever changing aspects of mobility in Belgium. Baloise considers the automotive market a cornerstone of their company. In order to provide the best service to their clients, they came up with Safe Lease: unburdening drivers from the administrative hassle that comes with traditional car insurance.

What did we do?

Marketing Safe Lease was a challenge. Baloise, being a traditional insurance company, had the ambition to provide an all-in-one solution in the automotive space: definitely not an easy leap to make. Furthermore, when Baloise came knocking on Hybrid’s door in early 2018, private leasing was relatively unknown in the Belgian market. Commercial leasing was, and still is, much more common. Using a lean-and-mean approach, Hybrid set out to discover whether there was any market potential at all for Safe Lease, and if there was, find out how to maximize that potential.

What did we do - Homepage safelease

Market validation through POC

In November of 2018, Hybrid purchased the domain and launched a limited content website (WordPress). This website served as a business card for the brokers participating in the POC.

The public brought in by the selected brokers had a positive reaction to the concept. We then conducted a first test via targeted Search ads to attract qualitative traffic via online channels. The test was successful and showed a lot of potential.

A thorough keyword analysis and monitoring also indicated that the volume on the relevant search terms was on the rise. The consumer was clearly open to what Safe Lease had to offer.

Thorough keyword analysis and monitoring indicates growth

Full homepage of safelease website

Launching the final concept

Based on the positive reception of the POC, Baloise launched Safe Lease. Hybrid Media developed a brand new website that would serve as a real lead generator magnet, aimed at the wandering consumer.

After the launch, Hybrid opted for a growth-driven approach. To be able to continuously adjust the website’s concept, in terms of acquisition and conversion, the right data and metrics were used to provide the right insights. Thorough tracking and real-time dashboards served as a compass for the future. In November 2019, saw the light.

Hybrid opted for a growth-driven approach

Chart - Launching the final concept
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