Broadband Go, providing the best mobile network, everywhere

Who are they?

BBG provides reliable mobile broadband to your caravan, campervan or motorhome, to suit your needs, helping you to stay connected, even when you switch off.

With multiple networks covering the UK, and 90+ networks keeping you connected across Europe, BBG has made staying online easier than ever.

The challenge

With an amazing idea at their hands, the BBGO-team didn’t know how to market it. What would BBGO look like? How would it function? For two years, they had tried to come up with new ideas, but none of them inspired further exploration. Unable to figure out how to move forward, TPA offered guidance and expertise.

About the client

After amassing a spectacular amount of knowledge on the telco industry, Zac and his team sought to venture into the multi-network SIM market. They wanted to offer a SIM with which you have the availability to connect to the fastest network possible, anywhere in
the UK and EU, this together with a consumer management app. The team did not know what features they needed: did it need to be an app? A responsive site? They had too many ideas…

Keen on making a global splash with their eSIMGo-project, but unable to figure out how to market their product, BroadbandGo turned to The Product Architects.

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What have we done? (Methodology van TPA)

The Product Architects are timekeepers of your business idea. When BBGO came knocking on their door, they did just that. What does that entail? Through Design Thinking methodology and the use of Design Sprints, TPA aims to take your product from the first ideation sessions to the actual launch. With an emphasis on speed and sustainability, rooted in fast paced prototyping and user-validation tests. In the case of BroadbandGo, TPA proposed a strategy that, among other things, included a go-to-market and business plan. TPA’s strategy revolved around maneuvering their clients’ product to the right market spot, through a suitable format. In general, our team provided an innovation framework for their vision to become the best possible manifestation of itself.

What have we done? (Methodology van TPA)

The solution

Stuck in ideation

TPA applied structure to BroadbandGo’s creative process, thereby lifting this promising, young company from being stuck in ideation to realizing their vision. They started the Design Spring. At the onset, the people from BBG, together with our people at TPA, threw ideas at the wall. Literally, post-its with little notes and creative thoughts filled the surface of the wall. From this first draft, a selection was made. Through Design Thinking, the best ideas and concepts rose to the top.

TPA aided us in structuring and productising our ideation sessions

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Results in 4 weeks

With each session, they kept refining promising leads and weeding out the dead ends. In a span of only 4 weeks, TPA’s sessions, based in Design Thinking, yielded positive results. BroadbandGo was fully conceptualized and went live in January, only 4 months after they contacted our team. That’s TPA’s strength: a concise and creative approach that produces useful results in no time through custom Design Sprints.

If we had known design sprints earlier, we would have captured £2,5 million missed earnings.

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