Wildstream combines digital competence and capacity with a sales driven organization. Through its European ecosystem, expertise and fundraising it helps companies to reach their maturity stage at short notice.

Like this we already helped many specialists with a track record in large enterprises realizing their dream as an entrepreneur.

Our values

Integrity and

We believe in a honest, transparent way of doing business. Our style is straight forward. We focus on open communication, sharing of know-how and accountability. We’re loyal and handle our stakeholders with respect and integrity.

Passion and Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is in our DNA. We believe that people with passion are inspiring and create opportunities. The fundamentals for successful business.

Customer and service oriented

Customer satisfaction is our main goal. We continuously seek for innovative solutions and approaches creating maximal added value for our customers.

Responsibility and ownership

We act as co-owners. We take our responsibilities in case of success or failure. We keep our promises, fulfil our engagements and are accountable for our actions and results.

Hands-on and no-nonsense

‘Make it happen’ is our baseline. We continuously strive for improved procedures, processes and activities. We work pro-actively and are proud of our speed in execution.


Frederic Apers

Frederic Apers

Managing Partner-founder

Jim Mangelschots

Jim Mangelschots

Managing Partner


Jan Vanhoyweghen

Managing Partner

Johan Elias

Johan Elias

Managing Partner



Contact Info

  • Wildstream Belgium.
    Matenstraat 214, 2845 Niel, Belgium

  • Wildstream Romania.
    Aleea Nicolina 2, BI G8 Ap 3 , 700400 Iasi, Romania

  • +32 (0)3 45 09 540

  • info@wildstream.be